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Vision of VCL 
The mission of VCL is to provide humanitarian development for those youth who are plunged into what can be described as “Socio-Cultural Identity Crisis” and summarily suffering from role confusion. VCL is making a commitment to create a positive change in our community; to lift up children most in need; and to relieve them of the boredom emanating from their quest for values. 
Mission Statement of VCL 
1. To create a new intellectual model of vocational education, more real, and more beautiful than the imagination.
2. To solve a development challenge of adding value to individuals, parents, families, and communities at large with a mission to educate, train, and empower a target audience.
3. To implement a capacity building program that is designed to empower the youth with vocational skills in a bid to join in the fight against unemployment.
4. To guide applicants towards charting a lifelong career path from the level of self-awareness through skill acquisition and to entrepreneurial start-up.
5. To award participants a Diploma in Technical and Vocational Skills (Dip. in Tech/Voc.) after undertaking a 12-month-practical-and-theoretical work in 4-tier classes.


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