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We, at VCL, are seeking to develop some virtual concepts into real concepts. We are trying to develop those ideas into something substantive; something tangible that the whole world can see and touch materialistically. VCL is committing to creating a new intellectual model in vocational education, more real, and more beautiful than the imagination.  

Our activities at VCL are multidimensional. We engage our applicants in counselling, empowerment and entrepreneurial start-up. And as you would expect in a charity organization, our services are free. While seeking to create a positive change in our community; to lift up children most in need; and to relieve them of the boredom emanating from their quest for values; VCL is driven with a passion to encourage and guide all applicants through some four basic transformational classes: Orientation, Counselling, Apprenticeship and Partnership Class. Applicants have the option of transiting our classes at their own pace. 

Now this is how it works! When applicants satisfy the requirements for a particular class, they are allowed to go over to the next and on and on to Partnership Class. Upon satisfying the requirements for that final class, they are awarded our Partnership Class certificate by which they are entitled to receiving our VCL Entrepreneurial start-up incentives which we hope would give our granduates an alternative of a bright future in the beautiful arms of fate. Since I am speaking in international terms, I remind you of a Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Hello there! Are you unemployed and looking for a job? Have you dreamed up the perfect creativity idea, but you just don't know the next step to take? 

VCL hopes to take you through your very next step to become self-employed. Or, better still, kindly drop a comment on this page and please remember to like us on Facebook and read our weekly blog-posts! Welcome on board!


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