Chasing After Dreams

You cannot wait for life to come to you where you’re sitting because life has got too many people busily chasing after it.”


Akash Bhartiya tells how:

Once there lived a poor farmer in a village in India. His whole family depended on the farm products he generated throughout the year. Like he does every year, the farmer had sown the crop, in a particular year. When the time of harvest came, he needed to go to the city to hire laborers for that. He started postponing this, thinking that he still has time, while all the other farmers have harvested their field much in advance.

Even his wife’s persistent persuasions couldn’t get the farmer to go to the city and get laborers. He was simply postponing it, thinking that nothing could happen with a delay of a couple of days. However, one day he decided that he would be going to the city the next day. It so happened, that on the same night, a very strong storm came into the village. The winds were so strong that even big trees were uprooted.

Our poor farmer’s complete crop was destroyed in the storm. He was filled with immense grief and was filled with deep regrets. Regret not valuing time and harvesting the crops without delay. Had he done that, he wouldn’t have faced this situation. Nevertheless, it was useless to regret now, because time and tide wait for none, and they haven’t waited for our farmer either.

Now, what is the interpretation?

It is said that “Time and tide wait for no man.” While the word ‘tide’ is often taken to mean the rising and falling of the ocean, time in this proverb refers to the indefinite continued progress of existence and events. Similarly, when they say “time ticks away or ticks by;” they seek to explain how time passes very quickly. Now, it is not time that actually passes – but you. In this sense, time is synonymous to life. Life passes away by the ticks of time. So, that “time waits for no man” suggests the fact that life waits for no man.

“The value of a single second can be asked from someone who missed a life-changing opportunity because of a delay of a couple of seconds- true that time and tide wait for none.”

What is my emphasis?

Life is maximally engaged with so many people busily chasing after its moving wheels. Life is a moving train. It only needs you to hang on to it to get you moving along with it. The only energy you need to hang on to this moving train is determination. You deliberately move forward with your dreams when you decide that you are going to move.

There is no better time than now for you to act on your dreams. You do not have to wait until when you think you have known better. You do not have to wait until when you would live out your dreams without mistakes. Doing something about your dreams today would offer you all the ample opportunities of learning from your growth process and ultimately looking back in the near future to realize you had been alive. Those that had waited until they were perfect before they tried anything eventually ended up doing nothing in a lifetime.

For me as a person, I have learned a lot from trying everything anyhow, despite those times have not been easy. In some places I had been greeted with ridicules but guess what? I ended up picking something up from my travails to use for my next adventure. At other times, I had I received the bitter lessons of my life – yet the same experience had only turned around to sweeten my next adventure. At some other times, I got bluntly rejected only to discover I was being mentored to be more sophisticated for some future moves.

Whatever my experiences were while I was adventuring myself in those moments; couldn’t stop the hands of the clock. My ordeals couldn’t stop me and I knew I didn’t have to wait. I have always done what I had to do whenever I felt I needed to do it – not minding whether I was equal to the task or not. As a matter of fact, I have never really been equal to most of the tasks that I performed. All the same, I did them anyway because I saw the need to work at them. My watchword is simple: “I gat to move.”

Procrastination is one reason that a countless number of people have got to give for missing out of their lifetime opportunities. Anybody that has ever hoped to make their life count has always known that they didn’t have to wait when they were thinking of doing something about their dreams.

Remember. . .

“You can’t wait for life to come to you where you’re sitting because life has got too many people busily chasing after it.”

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