Creating A Big Picture Change

Creativity is an entrance into some forms of insanity where only your final inventions would show the world that you have   never been out of your mind.


Jule Eisenbud tells how:

“Ted Serios is not a normal person. He was in his mid-forties when he was introduced to Jule Eisenbud, Professor of Psychiatry at Denver Medical School in 1963.

“During the next several years, Eisenbud showed that Serios had the bizarre ability to produce images on film by simply staring into a camera. Together, Eisenbud and Serios produced more than two hundred of these “thoughtographs.” Most of them were images of buildings, landscapes, people, and machines. The thoughtographs were created under carefully controlled conditions and the process was observed by many witnesses, some of whom were very skeptical of Serios’ claimed abilities. The experimenters were careful to exclude the possibility of fraud by using methods such as medical examinations and X-rays. They even put Serios in a straightjacket and removed all of his clothes.

“No one has ever been able to give a satisfactory explanation for the pictures that Serios and Eisenbud made.”


If you still appear normal in the eyes of the world, when you are thinking of creating a big picture change, then there is nothing so much about your passion. Change making opens the door to some weird demonstration of passion. So that, if everyone still has an answer to your newfound craziness while developing your passion, it will be understood that you do not have so much that you intend to change in our world.


Life does not quite operate as a normal one for anybody that hopes to make a difference in the world. Any day you make up your mind to change something in your environment, the first impression that you would have created in the eyes of the world is one that is devoid of sanity. And that is based on the premise that the world does not easily accept change. Anything that is out of popular expectations is hastily rebuffed and tagged absurd. Against this background, if you are still very careful to avoid being criticized by anybody, everyone would understand that you do not really wish to change anything in our world.

It’s okay if everyone thinks you are out of your senses because of the choice that you have made to change something in our world. In all honesty, I can tell you that it is indeed a positive indication. That sounds like some sorts of understatements, but it is a perfect choice. Even when everyone holds a negative image about you when you are trying to make a big picture change, you should understand that every effort you are making to develop your passion is actually coming from a great mindset.

You have something to worry about if nobody turns critical at your passion when you set your hands on a task to make a big picture change. It is normal for a change maker to be perceived as abnormal for seeking to make a difference. Your critics can even go ahead to label you as someone who is just trying to show off. Others might say that you are just trying to relieve yourself of the grip of idleness. Whichever way you are addressed at that critical moment, you should understand that you have only one factor that can underscore the strength of your passion — and that is when everyone looks upon you as mad.

One day, I got someone asking me to tell them what it is exactly that I hope to achieve with the kind of things I am writing. My answer was simple, I am writing the kind of things I write just to explore my curiosity. I do not write because I am particularly skilled in the art to which writing belongs — but for my passion to explore my ignorance. My ignorance has been one great companion that I have ever had. He keeps me advancing steadily in my growth process. That’s why I write L&D Concepts.

My writings are tagged Light and Dark Concepts because I look upon those Concepts as Seen and Unseen Realities. I have tagged my writings, L&D Concepts, because I recognize my readers reserve the choice to agree and/or disagree with me on any of those Concepts, and that’s okay. In the same way, I hope to also disagree with anyone that thinks I should just discard whatever I think about my L&D Concepts, probably because my thoughts do not align with their expectations. If any of my readers submits that my contents connote some weird thematic elaboration of philosophy — I’d say it’s okay! I am sure by the time I am done exploring my ignorance, I would have been able to demonstrate that L&D Concepts are the thoughts of a natural philosopher who has never lost his mind.

So, come on! What exactly can you say about your innovation? Does your innovation already have an identity tagged in the society? Does the society already see you as someone who is kind of crazy because of your choice of innovation? In fact, if the society has not begun to see you as displaying some forms of insanity because of your creativity concept — then you definitely have some more work to do to. As a matter of fact, you must posture your creativity concept to make you appear as someone who is insane, and that is, if your creativity is set to disrupt some popular expectations. It’s that simple! Your creativity concept definitely has to move away from what people want to see and then come back to deliver the same satisfaction to them, if not something much better than they would ever have expected.


“Creativity is an entrance into some forms of insanity where only your final inventions would show the world that you have never been out of your mind.”

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