Find a Problem to Solve

If you hope to add value to your life in today’s society, you would need to look around for a problem to solve in your neighborhood.


Hello friends! Today I’m going to talk to you about VCL quotes number one which is tagged L&D•Concepts•001, titled, Find a Problem to Solve.

Now, could you imagine a day in which you expected to wake up at 6 am and you found the daylight was not coming up as expected? That would have motivated you to want to do something to help with the unfriendly situation. Could you also imagine the situation where the night has refused to shoot up the day after daylight? That sounds like Science Fiction. Yes, true! Many ideas have actually come from Science Fiction.

It is actually just Science. But beyond the Science experience are the day to day tasks we encounter in our environment challenging our curiosity and desires to make life easy for everyone. Most of the people we celebrate as accomplished entrepreneurs and indigenous brand inventors in our society today are actually just people who worked their way to relevance. They are people who solved real problems in a bid to make life better and easier for everyone. And that in turn has made them to become assets to the society.

So, come on! You need to save some energy when you are thinking of striving for recognition. Otherwise, there is a path that leads to relevance that you can walk in, and without even knowing that you are headed to the hall of fame. 
Just four things; and you already have the pass-codes to walking in that path. 

  1. Be the first to perceive circumstances that are at odds in you home, your street and your place of work.

2. Don’t wait to be perfect at something before you are thinking of working at it.

3. Once your mind is made up to do a thing – to work through a perceived challenge – don’t bother how people feel about you. Focus is the keyword here.

4. And you must make effort to overcome obstacles that might be set to put you back.

Now, what’s the good news? So many opportunities are waiting out there for you. And in most times, those opportunities are disguised in the challenges that we have all around us.

Let me mention 7 for instance:

Preventing food shortage: Most of the popular demographics have warned the world could face food shortage sooner than expected. So, working to prevent food shortage can get you on this path.

Helping in the fight against unemployment can get you involved. That could start by simply helping people to find jobs that they do not even know exist around them.

Showing people some other ways they can do their business, increase sales and shop better and faster.

Helping in the fight against juvenile delinquencies to see children grow up more profitably.

Mentoring the youth to become more productive socially and economically.

Helping people who are physically challenged to live happy and forget about their challenges.

Joining in the fight against ignorance by helping to make information available to people as and when they need it.

The list could go on and on.

Remember. . .

If you hope to add value to your life in today’s society, you would need to look around for a problem to solve in your neighborhood.

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