Getting to Know Your Creative Self

“If you cannot work through your problems; you miss the golden chance of getting to know your creative self.”


American and Irish Archeologists have hypothesized that early humans climbed trees to pick berries, liked their sugary flavor, and then began collecting them. After a few days with fermentation setting in, juice at the bottom of any container would begin producing low-alcohol wine.

Courtesy of the effort of an international team of researchers, the oldest winery in the world has been uncovered in a cave in the mountains of Armenia, a country located between Asia and Europe. In their usual attempt to reinvent the world, they discovered drinking bowl, a grape press, a cup, and fermentation jars dating to about 6,100 years ago in the cave at the area called Areni-1 in Armenia.

Archaeologists could not tell a lot about the people who distilled and drank the wine, but for them, it’s clear that the people who produced wine in the cave winery used it for ceremonial purposes. Probably for funeral ceremonies, since it was discovered that the cave was once an important cemetery site. This discovery shows that people developed agriculture and that they had horticultural skills even back in 4,000 BC.

So many years later, wine had become widely known and exported throughout the Mediterranean, as amphoras with Greek. While it was relatively easy to carry vine cuttings on long journeys, bringing finished wine with you was a much more difficult task. The ancient Roman soon grew weary of this and decided to make a move. They decided to plant vineyards near garrison towns so wine could be produced locally rather than shipped over long distances. While that seemed to be working for them, they didn’t stop there. In no time, the Romans had discovered that burning sulfur candles inside empty wine vessels could keep them fresh and free from a vinegar smell. Presently, some of these areas are now world-renowned sites for wine production.

And as Areshian says, “Producing this wine would have been a high technology of the time incorporating detailed knowledge of watering cycles, pruning the vines, how to deal with pests and the fermentation process itself, which is more complex than brewing beer.”


Life is not a mission impossible neither are challenges a death sentence. As a matter of fact, the challenges that come to us are simply asking for a response from us. They come to us to test our strength, to see if we would give them a chance. If we can understand life this way; we would have come to terms with our inner strength. We would have positioned ourselves to connecting with our hidden energy. That would have given us the clear picture of the power of creativity that we possess and which we may not be aware of.

Just as there are two sides to a coin; you either rule over your challenges or they rule over you. When you shy away from responsibilities; you miss the golden chance of getting to know how how creative you can be. Come on. You don’t need to shy away from responsibilities, when you are faced with challenges, and they shouldn’t mark the end of the road for you, either. So, here is wisdom! Rather than shifting blames and crying endlessly, you might have to take action. That said, there must be something you can do.


1. Getting it right from the start. First of all, you should fix your mind on just working through you problems. You should expect that the end result could be positive or negative. Don’t allow that to be your source of worry. Just concentrate on the process. In the end you would have known that you did something afterall, and most importantly emerged rediscovered.

2. Getting to know what your problem really is. Working through your problems requires that you ascertain the cause of those problems in the first place. Defining the problems and determining the cause of the problems are important as they say “a problem known is half-solved.

3. Developing a master plan around the perceived problem. Much like saying I shall get from here to there and expect to achieve so and so.

4. Identifying options, prioritizing them and selecting alternatives that have much higher chances of succeeding with your perceived problems.

5. Implementing a solution from the choice made with point four above. This can usually be done by trial and error. You could save yourself of some emotions by acting with free mind at this stage. In other words, let your mind be plain. Don’t attach sentiments to any option. As in, you thought it would work. So what happens when it fails to work? Set it aside and move forward. Simple!

6. Repeating any effort that has work several times and with the intention of getting it to produce spontaneous results, if possible. That would have made your assurance double-sure.

7. Rediscovering yourself finally. If my guess is correct, the word ‘rediscovering’ sounds much like a strange word here. But believe me in all honesty. Every challenge that you encounter in life is poised to let you see a newer version of yourself. So, you know that when you are thinking of facing up with your challenges, you are getting prepared to take a walk from the known to the unknown. And it is when you arrived at those scenairos that are seemingly unfamiliar that you embrace your newer perspectives about life.

Remember. . .

“If you cannot work through your problems; you miss the golden chance of getting to know your creative self.”

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