Utilizing Spiritual Intelligence for Innovations

“There is something about creativity that wants you to operate at some levels of spiritual intelligence.”


Rebecca Turner tells how:

The father of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, often spoke of the inspirational dream that led to his discovery of the structure of the atom. The son of academic parents, Bohr got his doctorate in 1911 and gained notoriety for deciphering complex problems in the world of physics that had left his colleagues stumped.

In time, he set upon understanding the structure of the atom, but none of his configurations would fit. One night he went to sleep and began dreaming about atoms. He saw the nucleus of the atom, with electrons spinning around it, much as planets spin around their sun.

Immediately on awakening, Bohr felt the vision was accurate. But as a scientist he knew the importance of validating his idea before announcing it to the world. He returned to his lab and searched for evidence to support his theory. It held true – and Bohr’s vision of atomic structure turned out to be one of the greatest breakthroughs of his day. Bohr was later awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics as a result of this leap in creative thinking while asleep.


The degree of impact you make in this physical world depends on your level of interaction with the supernatural. It is relatively impossible to imagine any kind of beauty or wisdom in this material world that is not in abundance in the supernatural world. That is why a spiritual window is the only magnifying lens to see the real beauty of the world in which we live. Therefore, a real impact maker must be someone who knows where those spiritual windows are located and where they can go to peep into the supernatural realm. Such fellows are the real players who understand how the creativity game interlaces spiritual intelligence in an inventive play that is disguised in some escapist fantasies. Those that have learned to deploy their spiritual intelligence for innovations do often find answers to most questions that have defied the natural wisdom.


Life has a provision for everyone to live out their dreams in several states of existence. Two of those existential planes which are the most popularly known to humankind have been identified as the natural and the supernatural realms. What is not clear to the curious minds is the wisdom to navigate between, and if not, to explore a chance of playing with some boundaries. As much as you cannot exist in the supernatural world permanently while still living in this material world, most scholars have shown that it is possible to shuttle between the two realms. And that is, for those who understand the underlying creativity in the puzzles of life.

Life itself can be imagined as a rhythmic gesture, with dance steps constituting puzzle grandeur. That is why unfamiliar environments often create anxiety especially when hard and  fast rules must be deployed to drive change. You will be well tolerated if you feel uneasy whenever the events around you demand that you draw upon the supernatural to interact with the realities of this material world. Truth is that, the physical world and the supernatural realm mutually exist as a single entity. The two realms allow for free entry and exit at any time. This single possibility has explained how a play upon some boundaries can enhance the high level of creativity that the world hopes to see.

Richard Griffiths notes that “Creativity is a play of the soul, and not the work of the ego” while envisaging “SQ as the dimension of intelligence that releases creativity.” From Griffith’s standpoint, creativity is not hinged on physical intelligence despite it can always be there to support this all important business of the soul. If physical intelligence had been rated highly with innovation, emotional intelligence could have found a niche in the science of creativity. Unfortunately, Griffiths has shown that EQ and IQ do not rival SQ in the the science of creativity. It is only spiritual intelligence that can connect the soul to the spiritual windows from where all innovative energies flow. Ever since that discovery was made, every curious mind has learned to practice creativity from the dimension of spiritual intelligence.

Julia Cameron believes that “Creativity was a spiritual practice. We had only to open ourselves up to the Great Creator working through us. We became channels for spiritual energy to enter the world. Writing, painting, dancing, acting—no matter what form our creativity took, the Great Creator caused us to flourish.” Julia believes that creativity science and the Great Creator are inseparably the same fountain from which all innovative energies flow. The creative person is only hoping to promote the mission of the Great Creator in a bid to drive change in the world. That is why your spiritual intelligence would always help with most of the challenges that come with implementing your innovations. A good understanding of the relationship between the creativity science and the Great Creator would help you to connect with the spiritual energy that will provide a leverage to your creativity.

Emphatically, a connection with the supernatural would always help to link up your spiritual antenna to the spiritual window thereby making you a clairaudient channel. The word “Clairaudience” has been defined as “a gift where you literally hear messages from the spirit world.” This is mostly what we need if we are hoping to initiate any kind of disruptive innovations. The messages that people have received from their clairaudient connection with the Great Creator have brought their innovations to limelight much faster than they had expected. Numerous examples abide with singers who have received hit songs and sometimes as lines from songs popping into their head while asleep. Elias Howe discovered where the eye of the needle should be located through a night dream. Albert Einstein dreamed sledding down a steep mountainside like the speed of light leading to one of the greatest discoveries in Optical Physics. Srinivasa Ramanujan, the Mathematician from Indian, also discovered infinity when he dreamed that a hand wrote a number of results for him in elliptic integrals. The list could go on and on.

So, come on! What exactly can you say about your innovation? What exactly is your source of inspiration? The big question here revolves around an inquiry into those routine practices that can connect you to some spiritual windows in a bid to receive a leverage on your creativity. And as Julia Cameron says, “It is important for people to own their own spiri­tual practice” when it comes to utilizing spiritual intelligence for innovations. Finding spiritual resonance in the rituals you create can enrich your creativity and ultimately help you draw upon the supernatural to interact with the realities of this physical world.

Here are some four spiritual practices where I have always spotted some spiritual windows to peep into the supernatural realm.

First of all, I see the spiritual pathway to creativity as a highway in the country side. That is why, at any given time, there’s a good chance I’m either observing nature at the country side or acting out some creativity games on paper in my Laboratory. Each time I go out there, when I look at the pink and yellow of the sunrise, 
as they flag the Eastern clouds; I see the sun shining much and much brighter with the sky becoming cloudless and whiter.
 And that has meant a lot of inspirations for me.

Second, I always try to meditate by listening to sounds and utterances beyond this material world. Each time I do that — each time I eavesdropped on the awesome ears of fate,
 I hear innovative words from the blue print of nature’s providence.
 If you can appear on this plane on a winter morning you would  find dew of treasure signifying the beauty of a universe advocating impact. The whispers of birds on a summer evening at that countryside has a way of setting the captive intellect free.

Third, I have tried everything I can to ritualize my looks. I have come to realize that I can actually 
square my eyes and square my dreams to look with two eyes and see with four.
 Looking with four eyes into any dream
visually raises the eyes to a square of four.
If you could see through the realm
, then you could cross those bridges, though hazy.
 If you could dream with your eyes on the alert,
 then you could row your boat without the paddle.

The final one I’d love to share with us here is the soul voyage. When you undertake a soul voyage at a moonlit night’s overture, you would find yourself in the realm of creativity where you come into direct conversation with the forces that make the universe to spin. Whenever you appear on this dance floor of nature, you will be face to face with the forces of nature, which keep the sun going round the planetary structure, with much ecstasy of some escapist fantasies at leisure, and that speaks of multiple inspirations.


“There is something about creativity that wants you to operate at some levels of spiritual intelligence.”

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